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    • Hi, I'm new to the watch hobby and after a couple absolute disasters with cheap movements, trembling sausage fingers, microscopic screws & springs vanishing into thin air and the feral cry of agonising frustration when nothing goes back together, I decided it's time to get some help (Or therapy).  I'm really enthusiastic to learn BUT I'm a bit dopey when it comes to understanding certain things (Well, most things really). Simply put: I'm thick lol.  My interest in, or attention to this hobby was propogated when a kiosk watch service wanted £140 to change a battery. £140...... FOR A BATTERY. I couldn't believe it. He murmured something about having to send the watch away because it needed to be pressure tested, or something to that effect, but I stopped listening after he quoted the price and decided to change it myself. The rest - as they say - is history.  So, that's my testimony lol. I hope to learn from you guys and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity.  Many thanks. Jordan. 
    • It would be nice to see a picture looking straight down with no power in other words the balance wheel stopped. Then if you look sideways is the balance bridge parallel to the main plate? That it would be nice if you would actually just take the entire balance and bridge out flip it over and give us a picture of what the pivot looks like. While it should be impossible to break your pivots off it be nice to know or we could see that there actually they are and they look nice and shiny. If the jewels are bad often times they will nick the balance and you'll see the pivot will look rough. Or if some unknown reason the rust got in the watch then they will look dark in color or just with time sometimes they'll look dark the ends the pivots will look bad. Because right now your dial up and down is not the same and they should be.
    • Good advice so here's what I did:  removed the minute recorder jumper spring - movement stopped.  Removed minute recording wheel - movement stopped, disengaged sliding gear - movement stopped, Tonight I removed chrono wheel so I will see tomorrow if it stopped again.  Though I doubt it will because as long as chrono function was not in use, movement never stopped.  Never applied any lubricant to chrono or minute pivots or chrono tension spring.  Minute recording wheel and sliding gear both would spin freely with puff of air prior to removal.  Do notice amplitude of 188 at full wind during chrono engagement.  Still stumped.  Thanks so much for your help though. 
    • You are directing to a member which had posted once only and joined just because of the issue, I suppose that is the same as you. After removing the stem replace back and the crystal is removed with a 10cc syringe.   
    • It was under power and ticking nicely, except the amplitude. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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