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How Much Of Your Swiss Watch Is Swiss?

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After having scoured the web I am having a hard job finding a 100% Swiss made watch (excluding swatch) and even then I don't know.

Does anyone know of a totally "Swiss" watch. The 50% rule I think is being upped to 60% but that still leaves 40% of the watch that could be made in.....well anywhere!


I feel totally bewildered now.

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This is one of the reasons I rarely buy modern watches. Not that there's anything utterly wrong with Chinese parts - and there has been always an interesting history of horological work in China - just that it's nice to have a watch which is of a piece (as far as one can tell!).


I'm told that the Seagull movements are quite reasonable, and they're used by a variety of European watchmaking firms. Whether they're stayers or not, I have no idea.

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Hi Guys,


I must say I share your sentiments, It would be nice to think that something is made completely where it says it's made, I have quite a nice Rotary watch and when you open it up it has a Japanese Miyota movement in it, although their advertising gives the impression that you're buying a Swiss watch. I suppose the deception is in the wording '' est. in Switzerland'' ! .

I also have a selection of interesting watches old & new I'll post some info when I get the chance, in the meantime I'll enjoy the forum, great reading ! .  


Phil.      :)  

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