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Mimo Pivot Polishing Tool

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Thought some of you might find this interesting, a few months ago I posted a picture of some tools for identification, and one of them escaped identification...

It is the below tool by MIMO. My friend who owns the tool contacted GP (Affiliated with MIMO), and they identified the tool as " that it was used for the polishing and correction of the ends of balance wheel pivots"

They also sent a PDF of a patent application (in French) which I've attached below.


Brevet N° CH246044.pdf

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Interesting tool. Are there any other parts in the box? Are any hidden under the one marked "Mimo"? It just seems that something, or things, are missing, relative to the patent. I'd be interested to see the side view, and perhaps the other side of the "Mimo" part. Good job on tracking down some info on it. It looks like it might do well, providing it is complete. Cheers.

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I don't have the tool with me unfortunately but I think all that was there is pictured.
I think it is just whatever cutting tool that is described in the images that is missing.

The top part of the Mimo tool is separate to the lower part which is labelled 1CR1, and the top part rotates freely on the base.
The red balance wheel holders are then placed on the top of the tool.
The first image in the patent is a vertical cross section through the two parts of tool, illustrating the bearing surfaces.



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