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Just for kicks, here's the day job.....

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Zero to do with watches, but the place has been a bit quiet and if all we talk about is watches, well, no one gets to know anyone.

Five years ago after 25 years of professional services, I completely lost my mind and bought a defunct manufacturing business and have slowly been building it up.   Here's some shots I took yesterday of a couple of current projects we're just finishing up;  a medium size box girder overhead crane and a lugger truck body. Apparently we've got an 80ton crane coming in; 110' long, 5' box girder - that's a large crane!   I mess about with machining, welding, electronics and bit of clocks and watches for kicks in my home shop, but I've a lot pride in the team here, these are the people who really know what they are doing.

Hopefully we get some more day job  "show and tell"s....



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You don't need to spend any money on eye loupes.  Large pieces of steel fascinate me as much as small ones but I've never even owned a welder.  So far....

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