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Just thought I should post some links here from ETA Costumer support. They are quite informative and gives you something to do on a rainy summer day.

The first one is to their Dictionary, here you can find all their definitions and even how things works, like the escapement and so on.


The other ones are movement specific

ETA 2892A2

ETA 7750

ETA 6497


ETA 251.471


When you go there the first time you probably need to get flash.. look up in the left corner.
After loading it is just to start exploring the information.



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Just to avoid making too many new topics with the same subject I will post these PDF:s in this old thread.
Since flashplayer is obselete due to security lacks and not every one wants to activate it I have made some PDF:s with two of the most popular movements.

This version uses a normal PDF format which you can print out and make notes in while servicing the movement, you can brows them offline while lapping sun.

ETA 7750 Chronograph.

ETA 7750 Service Notes.pdf 

ETA 6497 

SwissLab_6497 Service Notes.pdf

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loaded wrong file first :D
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