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Hi fellow Clockmakers,

Would a bureau desk work as a clock/watchmaker desk? Not high enough (could be solved) or stable enough? I could fetch one of these from facebook around 30-40 pounds.

I like the idea because it would be more or less child and dustproof as you can close and lock the whole thing.

Best regards,





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As OH says, comfort is of paramount importance, so leg room and bench height are key.

Other than that I would go for the roll top type rather than the hinged down type as you will have to clear the work area of the hinge down type before you can close it. Also the sides of the roll top desk double as a catch net for fliers.

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High percentage of folks 90% or more  suffer some sort of neck problem.

The least would be to raise the table high enough so you wont lean over the work piece, takes little of getting used to. Don,t send your eyes chasing the workpiece, bring the piece close to your eyes instead. Best position is sitting like when driving long distance, facing streight forward.

Also making it to a glove box so to contain flying parts be real nice. 

Best wishes.


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High percentage of folks 90% or more  suffer some sort of neck problem

I can vouch for that. When I was in my 40's I was told by a doctor I had wear and tear of the neck of a person in their 70's all due to bad posture. I have spondylosis of the neck.   I have to take daily medication to relieve the pain. 

I don't wish that on anyone. It ended my watch/clock making.  

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Hi   All advise given is wise and should be noted, also consider lightening the inside of any desk/work place so as to give good reflection of light. My workbench is covered in white lino tile, a pale green as per the bergeon mats etc.  as Marc says the roll top is probably the best option.

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