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    • By Rishah
      Hi I recently bought this Vostok watch from a collector. 
      Does anyone have any literature/history about this watch model , # of jewels, movement type or any other piece of information ?
      Thanks in advance

    • By Calvin03
      I just bought A Mido watch pre-owned and certified COSC of course it must be a really accurate watch right but at least +/-10second a day worst
      But this watch run fast like 1- 1.5 minutes a day...from the movement blue screws i see that the watch has never being serviced since it first owner,
      I want to ask,does this watch need service or this watch got magnetize? Cause it just run fast 1-2 minutes fast and i see many articles say that magnetize watch can run fast to hours..
    • By VWatchie
      ETA Calibre 2772 Service Walkthrough Pictures – Disassembly
      (Please sort the pictures by name in ascending order)
      ETA Calibre 2772 Service Walkthrough Pictures – Assembly
      (Please sort the pictures by name in ascending order)
      For the disassembly sequence to make sense it is important that the pictures are sorted by name in ascending order. Generally, the sequence of pictures first shows the part to be removed in its position on the movement and the following picture shows the removed part along with any screws that held it in place.
      For the assembly sequence to make sense it is important that the pictures are sorted by name in ascending order. Generally, the sequence of pictures first shows the part to be assembled along with any screws holding it in place. If needed, the following picture shows the section of the movement where that part is to be assembled along with my lubrication suggestion, and the picture after that shows the part when assembled to the movement.
      Note that this is not a maintenance servicing tutorial. To be able to service a watch movement some basic tools are required as well as some basic skills. It’s not difficult but it requires a bit of practice and perseverance. I’ve used a lot of sources on the internet to learn about servicing and repairing but watchrepairlessons have so far not only been the best source but also the most affordable source I’ve come across. I am a patron of watchrepairlessons but I’m in no way affiliated with it.
      Prior to servicing this calibre 2772, I’ve serviced an ETA calibre 2472 and two ETA calibre 2824-2s and the kinship between these movement is obvious. The 2472 is from the mid-60s, the 2772 is from the mid-70s, and the 2824-2 is from the early 80s. They all have the same type of distinguishing train. The keyless works of the 2472 and the 2772 is of the more traditional type whereas the keyless works of the 2824-2 quite a bit more sophisticated. However, the calendar works of the older 2472 is by far the more complex with its instant flip over of the date. It has been very interesting to study the similarities and differences between these three related automatic ETA movements.
    • By east3rn
      Hello dear watchmakers!
      I am now working on a SU movement, Slava 2427. It is a manual-wind movement with day-date complication
      I am trying to assemble the watch back together after service but I am stuck on the day disc.
      The day disc is fitted OK in my view, teeth underneath the disc interacts with the click and the disc advances naturally as other motion works move clockwise.
      However, the problem is that the days written on the disc are not in the right position and do not fit inside the day window of the dial.
      What could I have done wrong?? 
      Thank you!

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    • It has the original crystal but the fit, while firm, is not what you would call tight.  
    • Hi  It is likely it will become an issue but there will probably be a GRspring available at cousins need to know the height , thickness. length and barrel diameter in order to decode cousins springs on offer , but for now it will suffice whilst we get to the bottom of the lack of power.  So with just the barrel, spring and its associated bridge fitted it still lacks power, does the barrel rotate ok with no spring power freely, is the spring fitted to high and binding on the barrel lid (look for scrape marks), does the barrel rotate ok on the arbour without the spring fitted, just the barrel and bridge and arbour fitted. Is the arbour binding on the bridge or barrel all need to be considerd.    cheers
    • I've asked. It came originally from SE Asia and anything is possible. Cosmetically good though. I've just opened it up -again - and it's a cal. 565. It doesn't do my nerves any good handling it because that unobtainable sweep second hand won't tolerate a single refit...
    • Nonsense!  None of that has anything to do with me personally, if you think it does you have simply ignored half of what I have already said.  I'm very well aware that every hobby that has ever been invented in the history of mankind (and with a web forum dedicated to its providence) has the same type of gate-keeping.  have a good day!
    • Sure! That's quite clear. I just wondered if they were complete rubbish. The recent "elliott" looked shoddy the more I viewed the pics.. dial and hands. If I'd paid 900 lsd for this sub-min I'd be unhappy... but I paid a tenth of that, and the seller didn't pass it of as anything but a mini brass clock. That it is. 
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