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Seiko 5 Automatic

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Hi All

I understand that the Seiko 5 Automatic came out first with the crown at the 4o' clock position.  I understood that to be the mark of a 5.

Why do I sometimes see them with the crown at 3o'clock anybody know what this is about?

I ask because I would like to add a Seiko 5 to my little gathering.  If I get one I want it to be representative of the type 5.

Thanks in advance.


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I used and abused a Seiko Navigator (15 jewel) for about 10 years,  eventually the only none jewelled train wheel pivot hole elongated causing the watch to stop.  I managed to shrink the hole back to something like it's proper size and the watch still works today.  My conclusion is to buy the 17 jewel version of the Seiko 5 which has all train wheels jewelled and should be bomb proof and last for ever, or at least a very, very long time.



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