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Glass Customization



I´d like to replace a broken glass on a art deco rectangular vintage watch from possibly 40´s. The glass size is odd: Length=32.22 mm and Width=21.38mm. 

Existing acrylic glass is curved in both directions. 

Cousinsuk has for example following glass closest to desired size.

This one is curved in longitudinal direction only. The one curved in both ways available was relatively larger and may require cutting. 


Do I buff it away?I have a dremel with polish pads and polishing compound. 

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I now doubt the fitting with a glass one way curved only?

The closest I could find of double curved glasses on CousinsUK was:


Does it matter if it´s 0.22 mm shorter in length? Do I cut, buff or file it? If cutting, what tool needed?

I currently have a dremel with polishing pad and compound. 

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HI There,

My suggestion is that if you have not done this before is that you look to Ebay and see if you could get a selection of old Perspex crystals. These used to be available fairly cheaply. This way you could practise on a couple, but more importantly you could identify one closest to the shape (size is unimportant as this can be trimmed) of the original.

If you want to go down this path, feel free to use your Dremel to remove the excess, maybe a small diamond wheel is best, but use coarse/finer paper the closer you get. From my experience the Perspex is easy to scratch so use those sticky labels to cover both sides to prevent this.

This approach has worked for me and the end result can be pretty close to perfect.

Go well

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