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    • By rduckwor
      A vintage Elgin 15/0, Gr 559.  I took it down, cleaned and lubricated it and it is gaining 15 minutes/24 hours.  I have looked at the HS, it appears to be perfect, clean, flat, not magnetized (de-magged the movement X 3 already), and in position between the regulator pins.  Not hung on the center wheel.  Correct mainspring, and balance is not knocking.    I do not remember amplitude, but IIRC, it was above 22 which is O.K. by me with the movement.  Please give me some ideas as to how to correct this.  It doesn't seem like there are enough timing washers in the world to slow this down!

    • By Furqan
      Hello Everyone.
      I need some help with repairing my Emporio Armani ar-1922.
      I've watched some videos on YouTube but none of them resemble the movement of this particular watch.
      My first problem is removing the stem/crown. I cannot see anything which looks like it will release the stem and I don't want to poke around inside it any more for fear of creating any damage.
      Any help will be much appreciated.

    • By Joshua
      Hey, so I have a question. I've got an Invicta dive watch with a NH35A movement here that whenever I unthread the stem and crown as it is unthreading the date starts changing. Once its unthreaded I can change it to the 1, 2 and 3 positions and set and wind it accordingly. How can I fix this and what is causing this? 
      Yours truly, Josh
    • By Lorenz
      Hey guys, my name is Lorenz. I am an 18 year old electrical engineering student from Germany. 
      I got this Breitling chronospace a56012.1 from my granddad and I want to repair it.
      Besides a slight clicking noise while turning the crown ( someone please let me know if this is normal ) it works just fine.
      My main problem is that the black color on the Bezel is worn out on some positions and I dont know where to find a paint that holds on the metal nor do I know how to paint it again.
      I have worked with watches already, I disassembled a mechanical movement cleaned and oiled it again so I feel pretty confident in doing this job.
      And I would also like to change out the crystal, does anyone know what size crystal I need for this watch?
      Thanks in regards for any advice.

    • By rduckwor
      Elgin 712/713 shock spring.  Does anyone know the name of this particular type of shock spring?  Thanks,


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    • What's odd is that all the pics I've looked at of this watch do have the Trior both sides. 
    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
    • Thanks guys! For now that sounds good to me. I will post back here if I have any questions or trouble. I am considering Acrylic crystals because they are more shatter resistant than both mineral crystals and Sapphire. Yes, acrylic crystals are brittle, so when you drop them they could develop a crack, but Acrylic crystals don't shatter and fall apart when they crack. It is nowhere as hazardous when cracks happen as fragments will not fly around when a crack happens, and they can maintain a slight degree of splash resistance.
    • the post on "indiamart" nylon strap was good.    i have made bands from 3/4 inch strap material that did not itch or eritate the wrist.   this Inda outfit claims to sell web in width from 2mm to 600mm?    i have been un able to contact them via the net.  vin
    • Take heart, my Seiko 5`s hairspring came in looking like a bird's nest also. I forgot to get a photo of it just before it went back in, it looked somewhat  better than the second photo shown.  It's now running (though out of beat and unregulated) but still needs to be torn down to flush out the quart of oil someone added.  
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