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Early 60's Elgin 10K Shockmaster. I suppose one of their attempts at water proofing a watch (see the crystal and gasket in the second picture). The question is how to get the crown off (Its wobbly when pulled out to the set position and I am certain it contains a gasket) so I can remove the movement? Dis-assemble the keyless works in place so I can grab the stem and unscrew the crown?? Thanks.



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37 minutes ago, oldhippy said:

No way will it come out from the back. Have you tried to pull the stem out? I'm thinking it might be a two piece stem. 

WINNER, WINNER, Chicken Dinner!  You and Gene Jockey, the resident Elgin guru over at WUS came up with the same answer.  I had hopes, but before stripped the entire stem out and ruined the movement, I needed confirmation from the experts.  You sir, are an expert, and a life-saver.  THANKS!!



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      Hey guys, my name is Lorenz. I am an 18 year old electrical engineering student from Germany. 
      I got this Breitling chronospace a56012.1 from my granddad and I want to repair it.
      Besides a slight clicking noise while turning the crown ( someone please let me know if this is normal ) it works just fine.
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      Elgin 712/713 shock spring.  Does anyone know the name of this particular type of shock spring?  Thanks,


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      I am working on a vintage watch and the crown of the watch is fitted with a hidden type gasket which is 
      in terrible condition and needs to be replaced.
      However, I found it difficult to pull the gasket out with my tweezers or tooth pick. 
      Could anyone recommend an easier way to remove this kind of gasket from the crown??
      I forgot to take a photo of the crown so I attached a similar example I found on the web.

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      Ideas on where to find a suitable assortment of studs?  Cousins has round and square, but Elgin uses a wedge shaped stud.  File my own?

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      I'm looking for a replacement mainspring for an old Elgin movement.  CousinsUK seems to me to have the best "look-up" feature UNLESS your search comes up empty.  The original spring is 0.1MM X 1.25 MM X roughly 270MM in length.  this of course turns up nothing.  What variable do you start with that is least injurious to the movement and accuracy when you must locate a substitute mainspring. I understand that heaight and length are rather fixed variables.  Can I go up slightly in strength without too much badness happening?


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