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Early 60's Elgin 10K Shockmaster. I suppose one of their attempts at water proofing a watch (see the crystal and gasket in the second picture). The question is how to get the crown off (Its wobbly when pulled out to the set position and I am certain it contains a gasket) so I can remove the movement? Dis-assemble the keyless works in place so I can grab the stem and unscrew the crown?? Thanks.



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37 minutes ago, oldhippy said:

No way will it come out from the back. Have you tried to pull the stem out? I'm thinking it might be a two piece stem. 

WINNER, WINNER, Chicken Dinner!  You and Gene Jockey, the resident Elgin guru over at WUS came up with the same answer.  I had hopes, but before stripped the entire stem out and ruined the movement, I needed confirmation from the experts.  You sir, are an expert, and a life-saver.  THANKS!!



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      Elgin 712/713 shock spring.  Does anyone know the name of this particular type of shock spring?  Thanks,


    • By east3rn
      I am working on a vintage watch and the crown of the watch is fitted with a hidden type gasket which is 
      in terrible condition and needs to be replaced.
      However, I found it difficult to pull the gasket out with my tweezers or tooth pick. 
      Could anyone recommend an easier way to remove this kind of gasket from the crown??
      I forgot to take a photo of the crown so I attached a similar example I found on the web.

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      Ideas on where to find a suitable assortment of studs?  Cousins has round and square, but Elgin uses a wedge shaped stud.  File my own?

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      I'm looking for a replacement mainspring for an old Elgin movement.  CousinsUK seems to me to have the best "look-up" feature UNLESS your search comes up empty.  The original spring is 0.1MM X 1.25 MM X roughly 270MM in length.  this of course turns up nothing.  What variable do you start with that is least injurious to the movement and accuracy when you must locate a substitute mainspring. I understand that heaight and length are rather fixed variables.  Can I go up slightly in strength without too much badness happening?


    • By wilding
      Hello there watch fix fans. Here's (I hope) an interesting one for you.
      I have this beautiful small ladies 'Fero Feldmann' Swiss-made watch - it came in a bag of "used and to be repaired" watches.
      From what I can see, the mechanism seems in very good working order. Just a slight shake and it goes and goes. There is no strap, but that is not the issue here.
      The problem is the stem and/or crown. As you can see, there is definitely no crown. But I am wondering about the stem.
      The watch does have its case and edoes have, as you can see, a hole where the stem and/or crown will/should fit in.
      There is something which appears to be some kind of part-stem at the 3 o'clock position.
      Using tweezers I can pull it out and push it back in quite freely. A very small screw on top holds this "stem" in place. I think you can see, in ths second photo, how this "stem" attaches to the rest of the movement.
      Clearly I need to attach a crown. BUT what about a stem? A stem extension? Or one of those crowns which has an extended stem-like attachment which should fix onto this current "stem" in this watch?
      Yes, the watch face is somewhat scratched, and the minute hand is a little bent at the top. You may say it is not worth my while trying to get this fixed. But I just SO MUCH like this little watch and would LOVE to give it life again! It clearly IS still "alive" - though I'm not sure if it is a mechanical wind-up or an automatic. The latter of these seems to be the case - as I said earlier, a little shake and the mechanism goes and goes. PErhaps with a little oil (and lots of encouragement) it can be made good.
      So my main question - what kind of stem/crown to attach and how to do it?

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    • As you said I would't worry too much about what Seiko indicates when it contrasts with professional's best practices. Beside the aforementioned pallet pivots they show to oil one spring finger that contacts plastic, but not another that does the same? Better to spend time in other ways.
    • I have looked at an old Lorsa that I'm servicing and the springs are of rectangular section. In the calendar works one is  0.20 x 0.40mm, another 0.15 x 0.30mm, and the click one should be like the latter, but (thanks heaven) it's in place already so I can't check. I think the rectangular section helps in fitting and keeping the spring  in place - we all know how terrible these thingies can be. I would also be interested in finding a source for proper wire.
    • For the first time my Cousins UK packages came affixed with a CN22 Customs Form , even if nothing has changed so far and will not change until at least Oct 31st. Of course there no Customs processing in my EU country for items from the UK, but this has the undesirable effect of showing the value in the package. I asked their always responsive support and the reply was that they carriers are saying that the form is now necessary. BTW I found that at least in my country the shipping method has to do with the time it takes to clear customs. For example EMS clears in one or two days from arrival, same for  Priority from the US. Courier clearance is also very fast but I recommend against using them as long is possible because they will charge nice fees for service on top of whatever VAT is due. They can also re-asses the declared value based on weight and other parameters.
    • Ha sorry! From a discussion a while back on a machinists forum there was mention of California Fine Wire and Mount Joy Wire. I just checked Mount Joy and they have it down to .004" (.10mm) and finer on request; no idea what their minimum order is though.
    • You must of read my post as soon as I posted it, as I realised and edited it only seconds after I posted it, clearly just before you quoted me as its correct in your quote. :-)
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