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Re-pivoting a clock wheels.

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  good show.  good video!      a good drill press and a little inginuity will will do the same thing.  who would want to buy all that high dollar equipment?  may be in my next life.  vin

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Great video. Nice machine work. Thanks. One takeaway is that the Rolimat tool is one heck of an addition to a tool arsenal. I'll bet it's sort of costly as well. An auto-Jacot tool?
The Rollimat is a wonderful tool and more than pays for itself in a few months in a professional situation. It uses the same carbide burnishing wheel as industrial machines that finishes clock (and watch) pivots in the factory. Totally an "auto jacot" tool.

That guy has a good technique there, and agree with OH it can be done with simpler tools. I know a number of clock and watchmakers though who have the "tool bug" and enjoy finding and using machines most regular shops would find overkill. In some cases they do save time but not necessarily do a better job; part of the fun is just using them.

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