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    • Hello John and welcome to the forum ,          enjoy
    • If it was in a sealed factory pack, and it's not now, it would be a very kind seller to take it back. Add to that the fact that you weren't sure if half the staff was missing, as well as the roller jewel, from my view it's entirely possible the staff was "whole" before the pack was opened. Sorry if that sounds harsh.
    • Hi all, total newbie here, from Ireland. Got my first mechanical watches during lockdown - a 70s Vostok Komandirskie, '50s Oris cal 451, and then a box of old movements, parts, etc. Found this Smiths Astral National 17 in the box, stripped and cleaned it. Lost the cannon pinion in the process, and the clickspring was already broken, but apart from that all seems in good working order. Parts ordered, fingers crossed it's going to come out well. Movement is 61464E, looks very nicely made, and love the style of the whole watch.  Here's hoping I don't mess anything up in the reassembly. (When I do, as seems likely, I look forward to stopping back here for help) john  
    • That's because the front screws off and the back screws off leaving the middle which is holding the watch. Just hold onto the middle and attempt the screw the back or the front off a lot of times they are on really tight. Then the sticky ball works really well and there's a few other things that can be used August have to find pictures the other ones if you're still having problems. But sticky ball does work really well for grabbing the back. Sometimes it works on the front you have to be careful that the crystal doesn't decide to come out.
    • Nucejoe Thank you very much for your reply. Watchweasol Thank you for your reply. I see, yes it was supplied in a sealed packet, should be the new one. Also, thanks for the tech sheet. I will request the seller to exchange or refund. Thank you very much.  
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