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    • Hi Navin... just beginning myself and am your neighbor in the n cal area.
    • My name is Joel. i live in northern CA, and have enjoyed all kinds of watches over the past ten years or so. I am just now taking up the idea of watch repair and am working my way through Marks videos and picking up the needed tools and supplies. There’s so much to learn... so many watches to ruin as I learn  ... but it’s a fascinating thing these watches (automatic models are or most interest to me). Anyhow, nice to have a community to interact with.. thanks for you distant friendship and learning along the way... my hope is to become competent enough in the next few years to offer simple (and movement restricted repairs) in retirement adding movements along the way as I grow in knowledge and skill.
    • Hi Everyone, New to this. Have a pocket watch as seen in the pictures. I've stripped it down so far. I have done a bit of quick learning by researching it. I believe it is turn of the century. All parts are serial numbered the same 12796. It's not a fusee but not sure if it is a "going" or "motor" barrel. The mainspring may be a T End and I am still working out size needed. From the pics is there a diagram somewhere for parts? Is this an English watch or is it one of the turn of the century mass imported American one?  I believe it was sold by a "watchmaker" R. Richardson who may have only been a seller. The case is silver and hallmarked as shown possibly 1895? The case maker I believe is C.H possibly Charles Horner. Who is the watchmaker is the big question. Whats parts are missing? Any help would be great as I am itching to put it all back together again. I will need some hands for the dial as well, if anyone can advise it would be appreciated. There are also inscribed numbers on this inside of the case, servicing references maybe? Thanks.
    • If you intend to work on PWs only, you will surely need no winders for ladies WW. You could get a coarse idea of the needed winder sizes if you take half of the movement diameter minus 20%. Frank
    • Hiya, Thank you for the offer!!! I don’t have a specific spring I’m working on now. I’ve been buying the supplies and equipment I need and have picked up a few pocket watches to take apart, clean, and put together. Some are missing parts. Once i start taking them apart I’ll definitely be posting pics and reaching out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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