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    • That hairspring looks great, good job!   As for the amplitude (and stopping in 30 seconds?), I suppose you've checked all the usual things, train freedom, endshakes everywhere, peg your holes especially for the fork pivots, check that the barrel has shake on its arbor and the lid is well seated.
    • I am one of those people interested in everything from fine wine to firearms, history, science, medicen, technology art etc lately I have been learning about fine watches and automatic movements in particular. Just like with my firearms and golf equiptment I search for the perfect "it" for fit for me. Some call it the grail. At any rate I currently like Submariners and Submariner homeages. I own an Invicta 9937ob which has a very accurate sw200 movement and looks good on the wrist if I can make a couple of mods. My ideal watch at this time would be a prototype which I doubt currently exists - a Submariner style 16610 type with 904l steel but with Submariner in Red and Chomalite blue lume instead of the green superlume. Finally. A sapphire case back with Gold internal. There is a company that mods real Rolex dial and many places offer custom relume in bgw9 blue.  That leaves open the question of whether building a prototype of that watch is possible. I always want to stay within all of the laws so that modification of Rolex parts assembled with real rolex orca mixture of aftermarket parts is legal and for my own enjoyment not to sell or pass as an original Rolex product. I like the white gold hpur markers and the classic size and style case of the 16610. I think adding the red Submariner text with chomalite blue hours hands and pip and sapphire case back with gold internal especially rotor would product a rather satisfying "it" watch. Finally, I would like a real chonometer movement my eye on original 3135 or a 2892 movement and real 300m water resistent with proper gaskets saphire crystal etc. Anyone have any guiding thoughts or words of wisdome for the project? Thank you very respectfully 
    • I found this ..seems 8100 and 8110 do have the same  mainspring  citizenchronographbooklet.pdf
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