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    • No problem and stay safe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
    • I love the rectangular Chayka, I was only looking at those on eBay last night. Looks like we share the same eclectic taste in oddball watches ... and as for the Wittnauer in your other post, that has a great dial......I do not have an ESA9154 driven watch yet, but this ESA9158 Talis and the ESA9157  Montine.... Another Junghan 600 powered watch is on the way, this time a Mathey Doret, sold as non running, but I'm hopeful..... Hopefully, having it's identical Sheffield branded brother, fully working, I should find fault finding a bit easier....    
    • Yer No cal number just. This as at in a cloud.  It's not in the bestfit books I have searched.  And if it is the one jberry says I'm in trouble cos it keeps great time but if I put it on timer machine it's minus 359 with lift angle set at 52 deg.  Most Oris are 38 deg to 44 deg.  So l am still confused.  Cheers Gary
    • Hi Gary   Whats the caliber number of the movement   ebauches denoted by the outer design and AS as stated by J Berry. I have a list of symbols someware if you would like a copy  They are also listed in the Bestfit books.   cheers mate
    • Thanks Guys. The train of wheels run free with no issues. I did the locking test suggested in the  various  books I have and the lock is good and equal using the banking pins as a gauge. The banking pins had both been bent in one direction and I just put them back vertical and straight. The guard pin had been bent further away from the roller which I have also made vertical and straight. These adjustment that had previously been made I suspect had been done trying to resolve this issue.  Tomorrow I will polish the roller jewel and horns first, if no improvement then I will first bend the guard pin away again to see if it improves. I am sure this is where the fault is. It is the impulse pin not realising correctly or the guard pin rubbing.The biggest problem with these English watches is there is no easy visual access to see whats happening.
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