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Help ID this watch

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Hi like-minded people, here are some pictures of a watch I just acquired. I'm hoping that one or more of you well-informed folk might be able to cast some light on this watch, ie. The maker, model and approximate age. 

I just got it running after straightening the hairspring which looked as though someone had taken a fork to it. Even more surprisingly, it is keeping remarkably good time. It hasn't lost or gained 1 minute since Sunday afternoon. Not bad for a watch with no jewels and a £5.00 price tag!

If there is anyone who could give me some info on this watch I would be very grateful.

My very best wishes to you all


PS. This looks even more primitive than my Ingersoll Dollar watch!




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It reminds me of the "Services" pocket watches, or perhaps the UMF Ruhla (East) German movements.

The fact that it doesn't show its country of origin, or even "Foreign" makes it possible that it is German, since German products were unpopular in the years following the firs world war.

Are there no model numbers or manufacturer's marks on it anywhere, even under the dial?

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