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Hi All, 

My name is Paolo Gramigna, I'm 73 years old and I'm from Italy.

After many years, since I'm now retired, I restarted an old hobby and I'm trying to learn how to repair pocket watches, and probably I'll build a pendulum regulator.

I'm collecting now the tools, and I'm starting with "easy" pocket watches, not very expensive.

I hope to find advice and experience here!


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    • By santijyomaha
      Hello everyone! I am Santiago and this is the first time for me in a forum. I have always loved watches but since I found an spanish-language facebook group on vintage wristwaches the past year I´ve started to become obsessed with them. They are fascinating.
      I came across this forum through the Watch Repair Channel on youtube. I have been searching for a watchmaking school here in Argentina and I couldn´t find any but a couple of places where they give "watch repair" courses. However, I am really interested and until I start attending any of those, I decided to go all by my self in the learning. I´ve been watching youtube videos, reading blogs, and I am even currently reading the Donald De Carle book on watch repairing.
      I hope you can all teach me and gide me in the learning process.
      I am really happy that I found this forum! 
      My best wishes to all of you!
      (Sorry for my english)
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    • Hi all Just a quick g'day to you all . Been collecting Timex watches on and off for years then unfortunately other interests got in the way and I slowed down/stopped playing around/destroying old Timex watches that I have collected BUT it seems I have regained the bug.  I have started to get back into trying to get some of my Timex plus other mechanicals working again and whilst looking for some information on a Timex watch i stumbled across this forum   I am sure I will be posting on a regular basis Cam
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