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    • By IOB
      I have a UG Tri-Compax from the 1950s or 60s (Calibre 281): The chronograph (centre) seconds hand can’t turn past 58.5 seconds and the whole watch stops ticking/working (nothing moving/turning in the movement). However, when the reset pusher (4 o’clock) is kept pressed, it enables the seconds hand and watch to move/tick again. The reset pusher is released when the chrono seconds hand reaches 60: the watch resumes ticking and the hands move until the chrono seconds hand reaches 58.5s again. The process is repeated.
      It has been noticed that if the watch is held face down then the reset pusher “procedure” doesn’t always work (i.e. the watch does not resume ticking/moving). It’s usually necessary to turn the watch over and try to press the pusher a few times in order to make the seconds hands move again.
      The 30-minute sub-dial at 3 o’clock has stopped working, too.
      If the chrono is not activated, then the watch seems to run properly.
      What do you think is the problem?
      Thanks for your insight!
    • By Usluyan
      Hello, everybody.
      I wanted to share my restoration stories that I have done for a long time and thrown into my archive. First I discussed the Atomic Mars 71 Brand using Valjoux 7734.
      As it was seen, scratch and dial is broken. To begin with, I tried to brush the Case as Brushed and make it the first day. If it is decorated, I polished and re-painted the indexes (with acrylic paint). I usually do this in three layers so that the paint is not deleted in a short time.
      I replaced the case buttons and tubes with aftermarket buttons.
      Since the condition of the dial was in very poor condition, I had it re-painted. The quality is not so good. In Turkey, unfortunately, not doing the job well.
      Caliber 7734 (Valjoux) is a special and robust mechanism for me. With good maintenance and lubrication, you can reduce deflection values up to 3-4 seconds per day. I added a short timelapse video about it :)
      As a result, such a result came before us.
      Thank you

    • By jackie01
      Hello guys,
      I want to show you my lately restoration project. This time it was a Seiko 7015-8000 with blue dial. Watch came to me in very poor condition. As you can see on photos the case was scratchty, crystal was totaly tarnished with deep scratches. Everywhere was dirt, gunk and mud...yuck. Movement was running and stopping with very low amplitude. After opened the caseback I wasn't suprised - it looked like as case - dirt and signs of wear. Rotor was loose and fall out the case. When I take off the crystall I saw dial which had faded Seiko logo, some scratches and hands which lost their lume.

      Next step was strip down the movement - everywhere dirt and dry old oil. Time to cleaning bath


      Look at this - it's my temporary balance wheel stand - I suspect that from temporary it will be permanent. It does job well.

      After cleaning it's time to assembly movement. Now it looks better - maybe not pristine but clean and shiny. New oil here and there and movement starts to run. Now it's time for bench testing before install it to the case.

      Meanwhile I took care of the case, dial and hands. Case got some polishing work - not to much cause I didn't want to loose the sharpness of edges. That is effect:

      Dial and hands got new lume - I am not perfect in this work but I still learn to do this. Additional the seconds hand was repainted to orange color. I didn't change the crystall but i just polished it with waterpaper and on the end polish paste. Effect suprissed me. Time for the  pleasant work - putting this all pieces together into the watch.


    • By jackie01
      I started new project - Citizen 67-9119. It's seventies chronograph based on 8110A movement. Watch came to me as "fully working in great condition" As you can see there isn't crystal. The one which was here had chip and wasn't set properly in bezel so when i turned the watch it fall on the floor and broke. As you can see dial is in quite good condition, only it needs to be relumed. Hands needs to be repainted and relumed too. Movement works well but it is too speedy (  +3 min/24h). Chrono buttons work properly, only the hour counter stops at "3h" position so I must to take a look here. I striped down the watch and disassembled movement. There was some much oil everywhere so the cleaning is required. 

    • By jackie01
      Hello everybody,

      I open this thread to archive works on Citizen 8110A Bullhead. I purchased this watch in poor condition as You can see on the photos.

      Cause I have serviced few chronographs in the past I decide to try restore this watch. Maybe is not ractional from the economical aspect but we do this because we love it So let's open it.

      Hands are in good condition (required repaint and relume) but the dial has broken legs and tachy scale is faded :/ I think it's really hard to find orginal and there is no gold aftermarket replacement - sad. Look at the movement.

      Gosh, what a dirty place It needs good cleaning and oiling. 
      But the biggest problems are this.

      Broken post on main spring bridge and missing rocking bar core and screw in gear train. I need to find replacement.

      While I'll be working on movement the case and pushers are send to renew - putting new gold plated coat


      Stay tuned
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    • Hi Everyone, thanks in advance I have Caravelle N8 mechanical watch, 7 jewels, the problem it has is that its second hand kicks back couple of times during 1 minute which is causing it to fall behind in time. What can be the underlying cause ?
    • I've had similar behavior when the cannon pinion is really loose, where any jolt to the watch would cause the minute hand to move around.  The watch would loose or gain a lot of time, but always look good on the timegrapher.  The same thing goes for a loose minute hand.  If you set the time to midnight are the minute and hour hands stilled aligned?
    • Something else to remember here, here in America we have a culture of anti-monopoly. Much of the rest of the world has not established any infrastructure to combat the power they create for themselves. What Switzerland and ETA did was essentially block all competition. If you want something fixed you can only ever go to authorized service centers which ETA/ swatch and the Swiss government will have full control over. One of the largest monopolies in the world is a company we should all be somewhat familiar with, Debeers. Yes, The Diamond People, Debeers! They own every aspect of the diamond industry except one. One that never sold out to them and one that Debeers is force to bend to, to get what they need from them. This one hold out is where you get your "Hand Cut" diamonds from. These are the Jewish diamond cutters located in several ares including New York City, USA, Antwerp, Belgium and a couple other locations. To the best of my knowledge Debeers is not allowed to conduct any business here in america because of our strict anti-trust (anti-monopoly) laws. However, they are forced to use representatives to deal with the diamond cutters in New York. Just over the boarder in Canada these laws do not exist and Debeers has massive operations in full swing up in the arctic circle. Has anyone watched the show on the Discovery channel, "Ice Road Truckers"? They were basically the delivery service for the Debeers mines. Sadly there is not a thing Cousins or anyone can do about this. Because the Swiss government is in bed with the Swatch group, they can make any law they like and exclude everyone as they have here. This is a shame for small business watch repairmen, hobbyists and large distributors like cousins. I hope that The Swatch Group notices a decline in their sales because of this decision, but I seriously doubt it. One final thought, Debeers has had some pretty serious competition recently in the area of Synthetic diamonds. The Russians have developed and refined the process of manufacturing synthetic to the point where they are almost completely indistinguishable from the natural diamonds Debeers peddles. Debeers has taken to using lasers to micro-etch serial numbers and company logos on every diamond over a certain carat weight. And, as I read it, Debeers recently began manufacturing and selling synthetic diamonds because it couldn't shut them down. A new version of "If you can't beat them, join them", lol.
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