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Student Watch Designs


This was my first post and i had gotten a number of helpful respones . 



(1st Post) Hello, I am sorry for bothering you all and this is my first time on this forum so sorry if I have done something in advance. 

I have been tasked with a school project to innovate a product, I have chosen to develop a watch for the blind with my own innovations and designs. I am currently within the works of developing my own dial and strap however I come to the predicament of not understanding how I am able to solve my dial issue. My whole design revolves around the glass protector or guard being lifted by the user's finger and for them to feel around dial freely thus allowing for them to feel the time. However, I am attempting to find myself a method of how I am able to make the hands not move on the dial yet be adjusted by the crown on the side of the watch. 


Please and all help will be kindly and greatly Appreciated. 

Kind regards 



I have know created another question which is 

 I had an idea to create a bezel that twists, this has been created however i was gonna develop mine act more as a fidget spinner. As a method to reduce stress or anxiety for the consumer who is using it. By any chance would anyone know where i could hire a company to create the watch casing that can be opened in this fashion, or can any regular watchmaker do it? 

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You are talking a single watch, not to mass produce.

Companies are into mass production. Just the prototype may cost tens of thousand bucks.

Machinsets, however,  can make you one and will tell you now what all is involved and give an idea of the costs. A good stainless steel case with satin finish is easily doable. Use as many parts as you can off of already produced ones by companies.

Speak to machinests in India, pakistan or any cheap skilled labor.I presume labor in europe may cost you hundered times as much. You can find a list of machinest or of any other guild in any country through relevent chamber of commerce or search online. The machinest dose not have to be export ready or licenced to do your work. Virtually no customs and import/ export beaurocracy.

I think you can get one made for about fifty to hundered dollars plus shipping cost.

You may also look into altering a used case into your desired specification.





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