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    • Hey Guys, Keyless works and I don't seem to get along.  I'm working on an Elgin 12s Grade 303 Model 3.  I have both the original movement (bad balance staff) and a donor movement and both are terribly hard to wind.  With the movement inside the case using the crown I can only get about 5 winds (probably half winds) before my fingers are in pain and I can't wind anymore.  I got around 5 hours of run time from that.   with the movement out of the case but using the crown and stem I can wind about 9 times.  Using my bench key with the movement out of the case I can get about 19 half winds.  the crown does not look excessively worn.  I'm using the old mainsprings.  The movements are clean/lubed and I'm not seeing any unusual movement that looks like binding in the winding mechanism. I have a waltham giving me similar problems.   is this normal for these old watches?  would there be anything related to the mainspring or barrel that would cause difficulty winding.  Has anyone else had similar troubles and figured out the problem?  Thanks for reading and any advice provided.  Arron.  
    • Thanks. Is the grip brass or a harder metal? Also, I recall in another thread someone mentioned using aluminium foil to wrap around the cannon pinion. Is that effective  in preventing scratches?
    • Well, here are my screwdrivers.  The first picture is a Bergeon set my Dad gave me about 50 yrs ago.  The next set was in the watch bench I inherited.  The third set was partially inherited and supplemented with two new bergeon drivers.  The last pic shows large drivers (seldom used) which I inherited.  Most of these are Bergeon and I am quite fond of them.  The others are not, but still old and quite good. I do not understand the color codes, so have printed one for the second set below, so that I can put them in order after I have completed a job.  The first set remains in the box...archived as it were...cherished.
    • The time is NOW...follow your dream.
    • OK, this is a Free Zone so I am going to rant.  Just have to let off some steam. What triggered this rant?  Kodak PLA 3D Filament Here is the overarching them: Brands get pompous and think they can ride on their brand and market $hit. Kodak, in the day, a reliable brand and then (years ago) started selling crap...thinking the mindless public would buy it because of the name.  They are not alone...other brands have suffered the same fate.  Polaroid?  Actually Polaroid is a slightly different story.  They screwed themselves by failing to understand their business.  They thought they were in the "instant film" business when, in reality, they were in the "instant photo" business.  When digital came along, they clutched their cold dead hands around the film business and lost.  Then in a last gasp they started marketing digital products that were pretty much crap with their name on it.  I have personal experience here...because I tried to do a joint venture with Polaroid, IBM and CRUS to bring digital cameras to market.  Fail. Anyway...I bought some Kodak PLA and it is truly crap from hell. I feel better now.  BTW...Polylite PLA never fails
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