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Better tools you wish you had purchases as a newbie ?

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On 6/11/2019 at 5:46 PM, Moose said:

Tweezers, definitely for me. It’s that infinitesimally small blink of an eye it takes, for the KIF spring you thought was securely held in your El-cheapo tweezers, to magically vanish and travel into another time and dimension in space, is all the time it takes you to realise that you should have spent much more on a good set of tweezers, and then learn how to look after them.

I use Dumont Dumoxel, No’s 3, 5 and a 1AM in brass. Expensive, but you’ll only buy them once.


Dumont has 2 different sizes for each tweezers,  0.1/0.17mm vs 0.04/0.08 for #3 and 0.06/0.1 vs 0.01/0.05 for #5

I am ready to place order, which should one choose ?

Thank you... AJ

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For newbies interrested and after getting feedback on tweezers brand. Placed order for the following.

5306-1AM-PS-1 Dumont Style 1AM Brass 0.12/0.2mm      
0203-3-PS-1 Dumont Style 3 Dumoxel 0.04/0.08mm      
0203-5-PS-1 Dumont Style 5 Dumoxel 0.01/0.05mm

Not sure if I made right choice on size. We make decisions amd learn :) 


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