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    • Thanks OH. Looks like I may have to cut one myself and thread it to fit a regular crown.
    • Yes, it's a mess, but it's NOT a disaster, despite what my wife says!  I know where everything is. I have had a helluva time finding a nice cutting mat to put down as my work pad, so the lovely green pillow case is temporary. Good lighting is a must, thankfully the newer LED bulbs are bright and generate almost no heat.  Decent storage is my next quest. That will help free some space and make things less cluttered looking.
    • Hi Linz, Welcome to the forum.
    • Hi all, thank you for the warm welcome. Engineer by trade, I thought I had some achievements tucked under my belt until trying something new & going to pick up a sliding pinion without tweezers... That was a few weeks ago, so bought a book, read it, bought another book, bought some tweezers.. When I was knee high to a grasshopper, my grandad gave me his Tissot T12 auto and it is still my pride and joy 40+ years on. I think this was the seed. So when all this lockdown happened I started to learn the theory and tried some practice. So far I've fixed an ETA 2481 with a dislodged click spring and dodgy calendar wheel, sorted out a quartz ETA 955.412 movement (thank you Mark!), stripped down and 'cleaned' an AS 1002 984 (still needs some escapement work, balance wheel stops at vertical) whilst all the while trying to source parts for the infamous 1337 quartz seamaster, my other grandad's watch. This last one is enough to test the patience of many saints... Sorry for the essay! Oh, and by the way. How does one get a flush broken stem out of an expensive crown? Thanks again, Linz
    • I 'might' be able to find a few more Andy ...........
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