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    • Thanks to all your replays it is much appreciated. I understand that this is not a place to sell tools, and it wasn’t my intention or I’d have put locations and prices down. I just needed some advice as It’s such a quagmire of information out there and I want to do the best for Bernard.  Special thanks to Measurtwice and Alaskamick I will take on your comments. all the best  Jon
    • I got it back together, and it is running. I adapted JerseyMo's trick, but rather than back off the screw, I supported the balance wheel on a couple of small pips of rodico, to keep it in place, and level,  then laid the fork as per JerseyMo's picture. This made life a lot easier. Still a bit of a faff, but certainly a lot less of the feeling of attempting to balance a bunch of marbles on an upturned dinner plate.   I left it running overnight, (without the hands, in case I need to strip it again). I'll post some pics when I am happy with the way it is running. Thanks for the tip @JerseyMo  I also cleaned up the unexploded mainspring, so that is now in my parts stash, ready for the next victim.    
    • I wish I had seen this tip last night JerseyMo! I acquired a Timex with this exact movement. The mainspring was fine in mine thankfully, but the thing wouldn't kick off and run. So I made the mistake of disassembling the little bugger. Like you I had a hell of a time getting the escape and pallet to stay in position until I decided to try backing the v-conic balance pivot away. Just like you, that gave me the room I needed to get everything in place. The balance still needed a bit of coaxing to start swinging, but it has been running uninterrupted all night. I took mine apart before I took any pictures of it, I will post some later today.
    • It was probably a bit of both!
    • Welcome Richard, enjoy the forum.
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