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    • Hi All I am having big troubles refitting the case of an Omega Dynamic watch with a 1012 movement. I think only who knows this watch can understand and help me. I had to build custom case clamps, they must be very accurate and basically just make pressure on the walls of the spacing ring, which lays flat on the front loading case. Spacing ring walls are flat, no grooves for the clamps. I get just "vertical" grip, I mean, as much as I tight the screws I get no reasonable resistance to the rotation of the movement inside the watch. Is this correct? See pictures where you see the clamps attaching to the spacer ring... The stem is a split stem type. After placing the movement in the case (no hands and no crystal fitted yet) I am not able to place the outer part of the split stem since when I fiddle with it, the watch rotates or moves enough to not allowing me to press the split stem in and engage it. Even if I eventually manage to do it, as soon as I operate the crown the movement again moves so the split stem releases away. Questions 1. Is it correct that I cannot prevent the movement to rotate in the case unless I fit the crystal? It also features a plastic seal to be placed between the crystal and the dial to make pressure, if I am not wrong. 2. If so, How can I place the hands and test them, without being able to operate the crown? I could not locate any video nor description online on assembling this very peculiar watch. Thanks for any suggestion! Ascanio      
    • Hi *, I met Bill yesterday, he is a former clockmaker and a very nice gentleman. Unfortunately I could not spend much time with him due to the COVID situation but i am hoping I could go back and have a drink with him once the danger is no longer around us. The GPO clock is I think not the one you would have hoped for, but I am very happy because now I have loads of stuff I can practice on. There is even a cuckoo clock there what I always wanted as we had one when I was a kid. We had a nice picnic at the see, and I even found a ring with my metal detector there.
    • Hi   Without a staking tool or punches it would be a ticklish job, But having neither of the required tools a steel block and a small punch you may be able to spread enough metal to effect the tightness. But take it in minute stages checking after each adjustment as over doing it will mean having to broach (ream) the hand hole. Take care   Cheers
    • Maybe instead of finding a case that fits your dial/movement, you should look for a dial that fits your case/movement?
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