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It is a public holiday in Western Australia today (WA day), and today was a big day.

The BSA in my avatar for the first time in about 5 years I took it for a ride today.

When I purchased it, it cosmetically looks pretty good, but mechanically was not so good.

I started a ground up restoration on it 5 years ago, but the project stalled a couple of years back due to me not having enough time and some of the engine work I did not feel confident to do.

A few months ago my dad mentioned he was looking for a project to give him something to do so I gave him my BSA with the deal I would keep it licensed and pay for any parts needed that I hadn't already purchased and he could finish the restoration and keep the bike to ride until he was bored of it.

He got it running a few days ago, so I dropped by today and took it for a ride. I have been looking forward to having that ride for the last 5 years.

The bike still needs a little more tweaking before its 100% complete, now my dad is on the hunt for another vintage bike. Shame I had to sell my WM20 project bike a couple of years back.

Anyhow, this is how it looks now, not hugely different from before, but mechanically much sounder.

I'm sure it will give my dad another few months of fun before he gets bored of it and hands it back.



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Never owned any old Brit bikes but that looks like I would be a nice little rider and I bet it now goes like clockwork. Like the bar end mirror's that have been fitted.

We went from the UK to South Australia and NSW on holiday for a month a few years ago, didn't see too much old British Iron about but a supprising number of 60's BMW's while in Sydney though.

Any further projects planned?

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No future motorcycle projects, got to many watch and clock projects, not to mention that I'm now reaching the point where the tools I want to further my watch repairing along are starting to get pricey, so cant afford another bike.

I had a 1942 BSA WM20 that was to be my next project, but I sold it 2 years ago to pay for my watchmakers training and tools.

I bumped into the guy I sold it to a few weeks back and he told me he had already finished it and it was up and running.

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1 hour ago, oldhippy said:

We call them Bloody Sore Ass.:D

Yes I had forgotten that 'BSA' feeling of tingling toes as the vibration from the single pot goes right through your whole body. :D

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