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I have this omega Seamaster Cal 591 ref#165.005


Dated 1959-63


It's in superb condition and mechanical workings. Comes with original box. I value it at 900 but my buddies say I am stealing from myself by not pricing it higher with the box.


What's the groups opinions on pricing?1864bcd95d8691a57d58a07522e143f3.jpgdda7a9b5b696924df2c41e89134e0886.jpg456af1ae6c2492ede047d9c354d3046c.jpg41e0f5b04260b3c49c438dca4183e3f2.jpg50b424ba0182bbd91adaec0b6ef8f2db.jpge3d1232de59004ee1967c9f05bb07214.jpg075ce3f8112573948a043f48fdce14ca.jpge390ab27bb80af43f452a22b61a9f8f1.jpga0002f1cfc4e0ae6bf5a4d12857c7f67.jpg664400afb4f122241b46809d845b8008.jpg


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Like anything else, it's value is what ever someone else is prepared to pay for it at the time of sale which will vary.

If you want a quick sale put it on eBay with a 99p start price, it will find it's own value at the end of the listing. There will be so many people looking for Omega that the closing price is unlikely to be unrealistic for an eBay sale.

If you're not in a hurry then price it high and see what happens; you've nothing to lose. If there is no interest then drop the price until there is or it goes below your minimum.

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