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Here is a real gem French Carriage Clock.

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They don’t come much better than this.  It is superb in every way. You will not find cases like this. I used Google to translate all the French.




Pendulette called monocase gilded bronze with a small ring (quarter of repetition + silence) dating from 1835 to 1840, it bears the production number 17 stamped on all important parts that compose it. It is certainly a very small production. It has its original wooden box covered with brown leather with gold edges embossed on all angles, the key (not original) is in a compartment at the bottom of the box. there is a hinge that has been restored (brass screw on the lid at the back) this clock has its original tailgate anchor whose plate, anchor bridges and escape wheel are covered with a mercury gilding (also of origin). The rear door is made of beveled glass pressed into a bronze element by force, all slides in the rear pillars of the cage and is pulled out from above. The pendulum can be silenced with the key thanks to the square steel located in the right corner at the back, following the engraved indications. the hours and the quarter of hours are done on two brass (brass) stamps superimposed. The bell works by giving the necessary time to spend a stamp and a quarter of an hour devoted to the two stamps. The hour and quarter hour repetition is done by pressing the button above the clock.


The functioning of this clock is guaranteed (restored in the workshop www.horloger-chastant.fr) but it remains a very old object of collection and which can sometimes make oddities of operation on the ringtone, to think about it before committing itself purchase.

. The movement (ringing and walking time) works for 8 days, so it must be reassembled every week. the key allows the winding of the alarm clock and the setting of the trigger time, to put the pendulum in silent mode, by setting the time.


All work done on this clock are made in compliance with the ethical rules of restoration of watchmaking objects (www.horloger-chastant.fr)

that is to say without modification or embellishment of the timepiece and using for the lubrication of oils and mineral synthetic fats or high-end (Moebius ...)


By buying a restored clock, the investment is heavier at first but wins later, because a chronometer bought in the state without restoration will stop in a short time (before 6 months / 1 year of maximum operation), which will quickly involve a visit to the watchmaker; moreover the oxidation often present, not always visible will continue to increase, the corrosion due to the old oils on the points of pivot of the gears will continue its work of wear (on the pivots of the gears in particular).


PRECAUTIONS AND TIPS: it is desirable to manipulate the pendulum with cotton gloves to prevent the oxidation of the hair by sweaty fingers (if the fingerprints it is necessary immediately without waiting to pass a soft cloth without product), respect the direction arrows to set the time and the alarm clock). It should not be exposed near a heat source (working chimney, radiators, halogen spots, sunlight).

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