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Hello everyone,

New member here. I’m a regular contributor to another watch forum site but also like what I’ve seen of WRT. I’ve dipped in and out as a guest over the past few years and thought it was now time I joined in.

I can tinker, but have no real skills in watch repairs, leaving these to my sainted (and perpetually grumpy) watchmaker. My collection includes many so-called “lost” brands and, other than a handful, are all vintage mechanicals. More often than not, these are bought as non-running but secure(-ish) in the knowledge that they can be given the Lazarus treatment by Mr Grumpy who has become a valued friend.  I have no high-end watches and have no interest in brand cachet, focussing instead on movements which pique my interest, whether pin-levers or Swiss-levers.

Sorry for rambling on, and I hope to both learn and assist where possible.


Bryan (balaton)

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Hi Bryan and welcome to the happy factory. Loads of really knowledgeable people on this forum who are happy to help. (I am sadly not one of them) But everytime that I read this forum I learn something new. Best wishes Johnnie:thumbsu:

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    • Agreed. I sent them an email over the weekend, hoping for a reply early this week. Sent from my SM-G970U1 using Tapatalk
    • The movement indicates 21.    I count 21.  4 - balance staff 1 - impulse 2 - pallet fork 2 - pallet 2 - escape wheel 1 - second wheel 1 - third wheel 2 - intermediate wheel 6 - reversing wheels All accounted for.    Waiting on new Timegrapher to arrive. Update will be forthcoming once it arrives.   
    • Not exclusively, no, but this was one of their major production sites until 1993. If the watch says Great Britain, or made in Scotland or Made in the UK, or UK Time Corporation, then it was made by UK Time Corporation (a division of US Time Corporation, the parent company of Timex) who set up in Dundee in the late 1950s, and also produced other items (the Sinclair ZX and Spectrum computers for example) at their Dundee site. During this time period, Timex also produced or used dials, mechanisms and so forth, made in France, Germany, England and even occasionally Switzerland. The majority of Timex watches for the European market were made in Dundee, but not all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timex_Group https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timex_strike Nowadays, like most volume producers, they manufacture mainly in the far east/China.
    • I figured it out. The point is to unscrew the crown and keep it in 0 position when pushing on the farthest/southern spot on the lever from the stem (close to the letter "p" in "push". Notice that the image above is when crown in position 2. 
    • Chemical recation between markers and dial? Is it a plated dial? Send an email to Zenith and tell them that you are a long term customer but are dissapointed; can you help? etc.
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