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    • By AlamoJoe
      I'm located on the East Coast of the US in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Home of the Philly Cheese Steak, the Liberty Bell, commuter traffic and a world class local Philly accent.
      I am a neophyte hobbyist in the world of horological dissection. I have tools (and want more), magnification, lighting, and an Ikea Tray on the dining room table for my workbench.
      I'm learning mechanical movements and am currently disassembling a Tissot 670 Chronograph (Analog and Digital) in order to replace a missing pusher. I'm interested in gathering info on what the procedure is to give it a thorough service. Not sure about replacing all the o-rings on the other existing 3 pushers and crown assembly...you will see my traffic on this project shortly.
    • By FredS
      Hi, I’m Fred.
      I’ve  recently started collecting watches. I’m interested in the moon-phase watches . To support my habit I buy bulk lots. To repair and sell. Sometimes I run across a gem.
    • By marcusg83
      Hello all!
      My name is Marcus, and I am a watch repairer. I've only started recently, maybe about 2 years ago.   
      I work out of my family jewelry/pawn shop. I enjoy fixing pretty much any types of watches.  
      Although I am new to watchmaking I have had the opportunity to work on Rolex', Omega, piaget, Seiko and many other brands of watches.   
      I'm still learning a lot and I hope to learn a lot more from browsing this forum! 
    • By wilding
      Hello to all of you out there!
      So, the moderator asked me to do some intros to myself. Here they are.
      I'm just getting properly into watch repairs and slowly building my kit and various bags of to-be-fixed watches.
      So far, I'm sticking to quartz watches. Actually I have a few books on repairing mechanical watches, but it is scary stuff! Maybe I just need to explore more.
      I'm certainly NOT a pro, but a home-repairing amateur.
      I have fixed quite a few already, but also killed some watches in the process. Hey, that's part of learning - right?
      So, I guess that's all for now.
    • By yankeedog
      To all ye present greetings,
           I am an incorrigible tinkerer,I cant help it. I took apart my first watch when I was nine years old. Of course I could not put it back together, but my father, whose watch it was did not get angry.. he understood my curiosity . He was the same way. I have absolutely no training. I am in no way any kind of expert or authority on anything, but I do have more than a fair amount of mechanical aptitude and a decent command of the English language. I believe there is no such thing as a stupid question, especially when I am the one asking it.I look forward to exchanging opinions and experiences and information with you all.
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    • That's a beautiful watch but the market is small.  I have a nearly identical Tissot in 14k white gold which I picked up for $75.  An Omega would command more I'm sure.
    • Welcome here. Looks like a flat crystal, easy to get and replace. You can find the part, as well a press and digital calipers on Ebay. You can also fit a sapphire crystal for few dollars more. The cheapest place to buy is Alixepress if you don't mind a longer shipping time. 
    • The small motor, copy of Foredom, found on any online platform, is perfect. Then an assortment of hard felt wheels, mandrels for paper and small wheel, and compounds.  BTW we have a section dedicated to discussing tools, as well one where it's considered polite to introduce oneself. You may ask mods to move your post using the report flag top right. 
    • This.  OP, please do not transform this piece in a casualty of your curiosity. You have been given a lot of relevant information but there is a great difference between theory and practice, which you shall discover by learning first on something of small monetary value and that is not part of your family heritage. 
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