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UTS Quartz movement

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Sorry, look away now OldHippy. I know you dislike them:lol:

A friend has asked if I can do anything with his wife’s kitchen clock that she loves dearly as it belonged to someone close. He says it was losing time although, it has been running perfectly with me for almost two weeks. Rather than give it back to find the problem returns I have been looking for a new movement. I have found one that is exactly the same here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Replacement-UTS-01248-Quartz-German-Euroshaft-Movement-Mechanism-13mm-Shaft-/183725493748?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10&var=691309729771

Cousins have a one that I reckon should do, I just wanted to check. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/hi-torque-uts

The only difference I notice is the distance from the front of movement to centre of shaft tip. Mine is 13mm same as the more expensive one, Cousins is 11mm.  Which should I go for please.

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You could get one of each size from Cousins and by trial and error fit the one best suited. Also a suitable set of hands ordered at the same time would leave a spare complete movement and a repaired clock for less than the ebay item. 

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If the shaft is too long. You can always pack it with these sorts of washers. The large black type in this photo. Its always better to be a bit long than short. Just make sure you have good clearance of the face and the glass.


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Not sure if this will inspire you further, but here are a couple of clocks I made from scrap.


The cloth balloon I made while I was fixing up our sewing machine, and the simple dinner plate one was as much an experiment in drilling holes in ceramic as anything else.



The Chinese movements they use are cheap as chips on ebay.

There are a couple of others around the house, but these are probably the most off the wall designs I've done so far.

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Cheers, I’ll have a look.  I’ve already bought a couple from Cousins plus a few sets of hands. When I have time I’m looking forward to making them into something. One thing though, the hands are a loose fit on the shaft of the movement. Is it normal to have to pinch them a little so that they hold?

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I have a 20 year old clock with the same movement. I think it has a similar problem to the original poster. It keeps time, but occasionally falls well behind (in a dramatic way -- I think that it may stop for some minutes and then restart). Seems to happen more with semi-depleted battery, but not always.

I too only see the same replacement part listed on ebay -- assume this must be discontinued.

Have you found a correct alternative?  If so, can you let us know which model number movement is known to work?

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    • Bought this watch in question supposedly repaired within a month of sending back. would rather just try & fix stateside versus sending back waiting for 6 months. maybe im not winding it enough because it stops keeping time and now ultimately it wont keep time altogether. read about asian 7550 is a dry movement. dont care for actual rolex movement as long as it just keeps time reliably. maybe i expected too much from a 375.00 knockoff? i just had hoped for keeping time?   www.intime05.co//rollie/4219-daytona-yg-dlc-bp-kravitz-best-edition-black-dial-on-ss-bracelet-a4130free-leather-strap.html
    • @Klassiker the AM220 is a good start, there's hints of this escape wheel cock and bridge shapes in the other larger AM movements on Ranfft as well
    • Not sure this will sent you in the right direction, but there is a chance 🙂 http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&AS_278 Something somewhat similar..
    • You did not tell what was that "extra" screw for. I would do the following: - release the mainspring - remove balance bridge - remove pallet fork - rotate train wheels manually to confirm they move freely. If they don't - find out why. Once that is resolved or confirmed, next stem - replace the pallet fork, wind the main spring just few rotations, push the pallet fork gently to see if mainspring energy is being transferred and wheels are moving - just take a closer look at both pivots of the balance staff. Again, gently and without pulling too hard - check both pivot, top and bottom. You may have bent one while removing the balance bridge several times (i hope you did not). - with the mainspring wound, replace the balance bridge. Often balance would self-adjust (impulse jewel / fork) and start moving. Gently replace the balance bridge screw. Good luck!  
    • Valjoux 23/72 ... hadn’t been worked on in a long time.  Tore it down, cleaned it, reassembled - everything worked ... until I realized I left out a screw. Tore it back down, installed everything fully this time.  Balance wouldn’t rotate.  Gears seemed like they were seized. Tore it back down, spent a LOT of time on each assembly step, ensuring everything spun freely.  Installed the palate fork - flicked back and forth as appropriate.  Installed balance as the last step.  No rotation.  Spins freely when “encouraged”, but it doesn’t continue. I pulled it out.  Confirmed that the hairspring isn’t kinked.  Jewels look fine (no cracks or chips).  I don’t have the means to check if the balance staff is bent, but the balance seems level and when I encourage some rotation, I don’t see any wobble. Any thoughts on what to check next? Thanks!
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