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Hello watch enthusiasts, professionals and tinkerers alike!

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Hello everyone. My name is Victor and I live in South America.

I've always being interested by how things work so I've been taking things apart and putting them back together from very young age.

I was born in 1984 so quartz watches and clocks were quite common for me since young age.  Nevertheless I knew of the existence of mechanical watches and clocks from tv and documentaries. Fortunately at home we had a Junghans wall clock from the 50's I believe. It didn't work but I kept looking at it and thinking what was wrong with it. One day (around 15 years ago) I took it off the wall, took out the mechanism from the wooden case and studied the parts for a couple of hours and voila, I got it running again until this day (it probably needs new bushings and oiling). This was the experience that sparked my interest in clocks and watches.

I also have three mechanical watches lying around at home, one of them a hand-wound Olma Polo with an AS caliber (I don't know which one) belonged to my grandfather (unfortunately not running anymore). The other one is a Citizen with the 8050A automatic movement that needs repair because of a fall. My everyday watch is a Vostok (not a Komandirskie nor an Amphibia) with the 2409 movement that keeps good time.

I think mechanical watches are fascinating little machines as well as pieces of art and I'm glad people around this forum appreciate these marvels. I'm so glad I found Mark's videos on youtube, they are such a pleasure to watch.

Have a nice day everyone!

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