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    • I feel that the steady pins are necessary. Especially on jumpers like this that aren't adjustable, once the position is set (you have to adjust the position of the jumper point by filing) then it is set for life. I think he may have left them out to provide a little bit of adjustability, plus it's tricky getting them in the right locations, and you have to make them on a lathe, and press fit, and so on so it's actually a fair bit of work.
    • That's great advice - thank you. What do you use to polish the function?  On a related note - I would assume it is equally important to obtain a mirror finish on the surfaces of the hammers and the hearts for the chrono wheels. Would you use the same technique?? Regards, Stu
    • They usually are so brittle so if you don't want to buy one I think making one is the best alternative I think, will take an hour or two but is faster than ordering em. The thing with that minute jumper I guess is that it sometimes will not work correctly, people then tend to bend them to make them "stronger" and they crack, but if one think about it they worked fine as they came from the factory and probably never will lose their springiness. The trick to get them into shape again and get a snappy  minute tick is to polish the faces of the function ( the part that goes inbetween the gears), this should be mirror polished. Often one can see it is neglected when servicing this beauty.  On the valjoux 72 version 1 it is fixed into place by two pins and should not move. On the version 2 it can be moved up and down by an excentric wheel.  Both are fixed in place with one screw when in position.
    • Thank you - these parts are so very delicate so it's not surprising that after many decades and however many services that they break. The one I have is slightly fractured and a bit of a twist at the fracture as well. I wonder if there's a way to repair it? I fear that an attempt to solder it will just cause it to break from the heat.  This is the exact same watch as Mark's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFOQm9sAzE8&t=932s. He runs into the exact same issue. Mark chose to make a replacement and was kind enough to record the whole process. I am leaning towards doing the same. In Mark's replacement, I do not believe that he created the alignment pins to the part. I am curious as to whether or not this is a concern as I would not want the jumper to move over time. I was thinking about ensuring the new part was in very close proximity to the balance cock and/or the chrono bridge to prevent rotation.    
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