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3D Printed Mainspring winder, does it work?

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Hmmm, kind of!

But........ It shows great potential as a hobbyist alternative, with some tweaking.

After a back and forth with @Andyhull on another thread it got me to thinking perhaps it's not as useless as my initial annoyance led me to think, (I broke a mainspring trying it but to be fair the spring had been previously abused and the tool wasn't ideally sized allowing the coils to jump and tangle).

I had a bit of a resize with sanding stick and scalpel and tried again and it's certainly got promise, I need to tweak the file to suit specific barrels but it's a simple quick 3 part print using barely any filament.

Obviously not anywhere near as good as the proper bergeon winder but definitely cheaper for the hobbyist, (even if you haven't already got a printer and had to buy one first).

Here's a video of it if anyone is interested, comments and ideas are welcome.


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Looks promising but my worry would be there durability. Having said that the cost of these would make them attractive for hobbyists. More R&D required. 

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11 hours ago, clockboy said:

Looks promising but my worry would be there durability. Having said that the cost of these would make them attractive for hobbyists. More R&D required. 

Durability would certainly not be on a par with anything professional, nor useful for a heavy use environment or where reliability, repeatability and consistency was required, BUT, given the printing time, paltry amount of filament it requires and space they take up you could have three of each size you use sitting in a drawer.
It's not quite good enough yet but i'll be fettling and trying to get it better.

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