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    • Today I'm feeling a bit green, so I wore my 1969 Seiko DX automatic 6106-8209. I got it last November at an antique show for a $1. It has the reliable in house 6106 movement. I do like the feature of pushing the crown in to advance the date. They certainly don't make watches like this anymore. As you can see, the watch retailed for $69.50 which is about $485 in today's money. You can get a handsome new Seiko Presage for about the same money. It looks as if my bracelet may not be original to the watch. Honestly, I'm happy that it does seem to be period correct. Eventually I'll need to replace the Crystal as it's pretty well scratched up. All in all, not to shabby for $1  
    • Keeping with the 'Swissonic' theme, my 'new old stock' Limit of Switzerland ESA9158 electronic....  
    • The only reason my work area is currently uncharacteristically clean is because watches had temporarily given up their nicely lighted warm corner of the house to seed trays. However now that everything has germinated and been put out in the garden, I have started to re-occupy my little corner of the house once more.  This tidy state of affairs almost certainly wont last long.  This is a more typical view. Microscope, tools, jars and "stuff" everywhere. Storage area  for tools and other stuff (aka the boiler cupboard). Various bits of assistance to allow ancient eyes to look at very small stuff. More "stuff". The normal contents of the bench have been mainly  been relocated in those containers on the floor to make way for tomato seedlings and other random plant life . A selection of this lot would typically be on the bench at any one time. Different stuff, depending on what I am working on (electronics, watches, clocks, locks, cameras, computers or whatever).
    • In this case, enough of the screw sticks out to grab with a nail clipper or needle nose pliers.
    • This is my setup  one bench for watch work the other for clocks. there is another with a pillardrill the Dirty bench where I do all other things including fly tying and small repairs to assorted items. The lathe also sits on it when being used.
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