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Technical Data Sheet ETA 2370

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Thanks.  Have that parts list from somewhere.  I was referring to the tech sheets data pages under resources on this site.  I was hoping to get that for oil data, etc.

The 2370 is listed but when you select it it displays:

Sorry, there is a problem

Something went wrong. Please try again.

Error code: EX0


Then there is a button to "Contact Us".  I did that and received no response.

I have the watch together by now.  Was just wondering why it seems to be missing.  The file was added in 2015 and list a number of views.

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Yes I see the links are there but they seem to have lost the filename which they should point too.
Can't help with that it's a problem for the site admin.

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15 hours ago, nichod said:

The 2370 shows up in the directory but there is nothing there to view.  Only an error message displays.  Anyone have an answer?

Interesting your both having the same problem because I didn't have any problems getting the PDF? Then the PDF is identical to the one you posted above it's just the parts list. The problem is especially with the older watches you're lucky if you get anything at all, usually it's only a parts list. They didn't generate technical documentation for every single watch showing lubrication. So the way around that problem is to find something similar today like what I'm going to attach where you can get the modern lubrication requirements. Then I'm also attaching a Omega document which talks about lubrication. Typically in the technical communications that do talk about lubrication then they still assume that you know what you're doing it and you don't get a guide showing quantities etc. which is covered in the Omega documentation.


ETA 6497-1 28.11.2016.pdf Omega 8645_WI_40_rules for lubrication CousinsUK.com.pdf

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I had the same problem when trying to access some tech sheets. I wonder if these files have become "unfriendly" to different browsers than someone's preferred one. I use Firefox that is pretty well up to date, so I'd think it would be OK. However, methinks that sometimes it depends on what company (ies) are involved in the hosting. I find Google notorious for throwing wrenches in everyone else's works. I'll try it in my dreaded Chrome, and see what happens. Cheers.

OK, even with the dreaded Chrome, the files show up as "unavailable" for me.

It looks like the link that HSL provided above is a different name than the ones that are linked to from what I get on the page here in the Technical section.



The one that works for me is the first one. The second one is what I got linked to from section itself, FWIW.


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Ah.  When you say Google, you've said it all!

Thanks, gentlemen.  If it is the parts list I already have then good enough.  Just wondering why I couldn't see it.

And thanks for the Omega rules for lube.  Had not seen this document.

Am in the process of restoring a 2370 in a Wyler owned since new.  Just wanted to fill the file with info. 

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    • Yes it can;  perhaps impulse jewel can't enter the fork horn, if the shock has  knocked a pallet jewel out of alighnment or bent a pivot. Remove the two black screws then the automatic device, loosen the cock screw by couple turns, raise the bridge just enough to pass the impulse jewel over the fork so to get impulse jewel inside the horn, tighten cock screw. It will run, however , might get stuck again if pallet jewels have got misaligned or a pivot has got bent.
    • A little uninspiring.  It does run though...kinda.
    • I decided to find a knew winding pinion for my Vulcain.  I see some wear on the one I have.  I have the spec sheet on the Vulcain 120 and identified the part as #1246.  I searched around and found scotchwatch.com had one.  $45.  I really want it, so I bought it.  Meanwhile, I continued my search and found a part with a different part number (410) on Northern Watch & Clock Supplies in the UK.  It was just a couple of pounds, so I bought it. Later I looked at the invoice from scotchwatch.com and see that the part I bought is 1246 (410), so I think the part has two numbers.  Well, we will see when they arrive.  On part cost 20x the other one.  I am not complaining...as I am glad that someone takes the effort to maintain an inventory for budding watchmakers like myself.  I just think it is interesting. Learning new things every day.
    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum. A nice looking watch you are wearing. 
    • The hairspring is partially blocked from view by the autowinder but looks to be ok.  The balance swings with a puff in one direction but not the other.  Could it be the position for the impulse jewel and fork?
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