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    • Hi everyone, I'm a newbie from Turkey, watch enthusiast I hate automatic watches, I believe it's 99% a useless gimmick, an unneccessary complication, I think it only makes sense with screw down crowns, I'd rather have a slimmer/simpler watch and enjoy winding it directly - recently re-sparked my interest in watches by buying a Tisell Miyota Pilot, first think I did was to remove the winding weight - converted the watch from a noisy/flimsy thing to a rigid/joy to wear device Recently started buying defunctional vintage watches to learn basic servicing to be able to maintain my watches Originally I was going to practice on simpler hand winding movement, like the Omega 620, which is cheap and easy to find, but because of this coronovirus stuff, couldn't yet import them Today I received and opened up an Omega 552, from a 166.022 - I love the case, so I decided to endure the auto movement Anyway, the crystal was cracked, maybe pre-broken, as I used a metal latch tool. I cracked the crystal, not the front part, but just part of the edge, should've read this forum first and applied the syringe air pushing method, since I believe it was pre-broken, I'll attempt to glue it and use the crystal anyway - maybe the previous opener of the watch just re-inserted the crystal that way Onto the good stuff, my approach to watch servicing will be disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning, re-assembly with minimal lubrication - so I started by removing the winding mechanism, and the tiniest of screws fell onto my hand - and with the auto winding mechanism removed, and this small screw outside the movement, the movement started working again! (The damage to the dial was pre-done, I'm a newbie hobbyist, whoever tried to yank that dial out of the movement/case, was probably sub-human :) My question(s):  1) Is this small screw from this movement / could it be the reason the movement wasn't running, maybe it was yanked in somewhere? 2) Do you guys think I can / should just re-assemble the watch without the auto winding mechanism? I don't enjoy it, and since the watch started ticking without it, I thought I could just re-assemble it and give it a go, without risking things with my amateur involvement (this is the cleanest vintage watch movement I've ever seen, no dust/buildup inside etc.) Worst case scenario, I was going to buy a replacement movement, but hopefully not needed
    • Hi You definitley have an issue with the barrel/arbour, If you can remove the cap from the mainspring barrel and check on the condition of the spring its self it may be a contributary factor.
    • I usually end up trying every tool I think may work. 
    • Thanks everyone for the great responses.  Hope I get enough time to practice being just hobbiest currently! Just my mobile platform. Chrome browser, Android O/S. 
    • Thank you watchweasol. It took me a while to figure out how to the jam the train wheels and while I was trying to figure that out, I discovered the horn on which the pallet fork moves back and forth was bent and that did not allow the escape wheel to move further from the entry stone of the pallet fork. I managed to straighten that and tried putting on the balance but no luck. Then, I used a thin needle to try and jam the train of wheels and the end of that neddle was resting on the center wheel. In that state, when I tried to move the pallet fork, it was responsive and I could see it was allowing the escape wheel to move with corresponding movement of the other wheels. The moment I removed the needle from the 'jar' position, the escape wheel was no longer responsive. I'm still trying figure out what the issue is considering all wheels were spinning freely after I removed the pallet fork and tried winding the barrel.  Secondly, I did everything as you said i.e. Only put the barrel, ratchet and the barrel gear. After winding the spring a little, I tried to release the click spring but the barrel did not unwind. This is what I'm examining currently as I write this.  P. S. I manually unwound the power from the barrel by rotating the ratchet gear in the opposite direction till the point I could not rotate it anymore. 
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