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Replace Waltham Broadway balance and spring


I have a Waltham Broadway key wind watch size 18.  The balance and hairspring are rusted/broken.  Can I take another Waltham key wind 18 watch balance/spring, attach it to the balance cock and use it?  I did a quick search for a replacement part but so far no luck.  thanks,  John

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The Broadway is a fairly common 1857  keywind model Waltham. I believe it has 7 jewels(?). You should be able to use the balance out of another, but you might have to adjust the pivot size and/or re-staff the balance. Does it have a compensated balance (screws around rim) or is it a solid metal balance? Obviously you'd want to get the same type if you can.

This might be a good inquiry for the guys over at the NAWCC forum. There are lots of guys with experience with early Waltham pocket watches etc. There's even a "Parts Wanted" area, where you might have some luck. 

Oh, and if you provide the serial number, I might be able to provide information on it. Otherwise a trip to the pocketwatchdatabase might be in order.


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