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    • The rim lever is under the dial. The case has screw on front, body with stem and crown, and screw on back. To change lever you must remove movement from body. The movement. only will come out the front and the movement. two screws that hold movement to body are on rear of movement. Therefore, the front and back must be removed, then take movement out of body. The inside body rim holds lever in " locked " or " unlocked " position. A picture with case front removed only shows the watch dial, the lever is under dial. I guest this it the mystery, why would you make a watch that can be put in case and the time cannot be set without removing movement completely from case ? I think you may be able to remove front, remove back, turn 2 movement holding screws 1/2 turn, tilt movement up just enough to move rim lever then but back together. I would take more pictures, but I had such a time with watch hands I am not going to remove dial again.
    • I measured it out, but the measurements didn't line up with anything out of the Incabloc catalog. I took a step back, and assumed I was simply having a hard time getting a good measurement on such a small and flexible piece, and thought maybe I could approach it from the angle of seeing what would have come with whatever movement it was based on. Once I realized it was a Chinese original, I pretty much figured I was screwed. I placed my orders for everything else, and I guess it's just going back to the "art" bucket. My order from Switzerland finally made it to Queens, so hopefully I'll be moving on to movements worth buying parts for soon.
    • WOW!! That is a beautiful lathe and accessories. Use it well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Thank you all for your response I appreciate your help it looks like the stem position does seem to split opinions or may not be important. i will be doing the switch later this week, so I’ll need some luck. Anyone else willing to offer any advise, I’m all ears and will take onboard. regards And thanks again  Gary
    • Does the movement actually need to be removed from the case in order to change the position on the lever or do you just need to unscrew the bezel holding the glass on the front of the case? Perhaps it would be useful to post a pcture of teh watch in its case with the case open.
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