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Newmark Pin Pallet

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There is something very relaxing, maybe reassuring about the sound of this relatively loud Pin Pallet Newmark watch. I picked it up on eBay some years ago in a non working state and discovered as usual that the balance pivots and hair spring were to blame. Anyway, a similar movement came up for grabs and luckily the balance and hairspring were fine. The old newmark received a donor kidney and is now ticking away beautifully. Mind you, my wife says it drives her mad!


I’m told these were manufactured at Croydon, in Kent England, adjacent to the now defunct airport. I’m not certain though.







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I have a couple of Newmark branded watches. They seemed to do quite a range over the years. From what little I can gather of their history, they were more of a watch importer and seller latterly, but they did put together quite a number of interesting watches.

Mainly their offerings were at the affordable end of the spectrum, which in a way makes them more interesting from a historical point of view. Not everybody could afford a Rolex, but brands like Newmark, Timex, Saxon and others were more indicative of the zeitgeist. These brands and styling are very much of their time, and that, to my mind is a major part of their appeal.

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There's nothing wrong with their design really.The one you have even has a shock protected balance.It's a pity they didn't put them in better cases.

Agree with you about the cases. They are ww2 era; perhaps costs were being kept to a minimum for affordability?

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