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    • Cousins lists the part number for a Seiko 7019-7060 crystal as 310W13GN00 Just did a quick look on ebay and found 2 NOS ones for sale, but how deep is your pocket?  
    • My Seiko, is now running and keeping time thanks to jdm.  I want to replace the crystal but am unable to locate the correct one. It is round and flat and has a bevel on the edge. The case No. is shown on the back as 7019 - 7060 but can't find this anywhere. Lots of 7019 on Ebay but no reference to the 7060. How do I find the correct part.  Any help once again appreciated
    • Good advice from @watchweasol. Most likely a servicing issue rather than a breakage. Imagine your watch as a little engine and where the pivots for the various 'engine' parts run in lubricated (jewel) holes. Over time that important lubrication deteriorates and the engine parts cannot spin freely and the watch does not run. When you tap the watch you give enough energy for the watch to run again and overcome the deficient lubrication but the effect is of course only temporary. What a watch service does is to dismantle the watch, thoroughly clean all the parts, re-lubricate the necessary parts and perhaps replace a worn item like the mainspring. Much like a car service you could do this yourself but you'll need the tools and expertise to do it. Otherwise you have to take it to someone who can service it ... but as a skilled and time consuming job it's not a budget thing. So for most people how they proceed boils down to the value of the watch ... not only in cold monetary terms but also their connection to the watch. Unfortunately with perfectly lovely watches that are not of high value a lot of people decide the service cost is not worth it. A shame as there must be gazillions of watches languishing in drawers out there! 
    • Hi from what you describe it sounds like the watch is a candidate for servicing . A good clean and lubricate. prices vary from repair station to watchmaker, or do it your self but that requires you to set up a repair station, If you wish to continue as a hobby then ok if not out source the repair.
    • Mark has a video about repairing a twisted hairspring, also he has another for bent hairsprings. I haven't tried it yet, it's way out of my skills.    
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