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To boldly go where no man has gone before..

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Ever since I saw Andy Hulls Mao ZeDong watch it has haunted me in my dreams so after a long search I found one, the search has been a safety percaussion from my side so I wouldn't find a specimen which would give me the urge to poke my eyes out with forks while working on the watch! But a curiousity inside me have driven me to bravely explore these movements too.
The watch is not for me but a treat for my better half thats why I broke the budget and Went all in with a bid of approximately 10£ ...lol
It's a Guangzhou Five Goat Watch Company Dixmont Mao Ze Dong 100 year anniversary watch ( I think) in its original box. Just the Company name should give respect in any cirumstances.

When I get my hands on the Watch i will take some better photos and ofcourse get in touch with the company and ask for the watches history.
Here are some photos from the dealer and I will ofcourse document my adventure with this beauty.



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Yupps Five Goat, at first I thought I read it wrong since Swedish is my native language but after a while it sank in and I  realized it actually stod Five goat Watch Factory!


This made me want to research it a little bit more and there it was the whole legend..


The strange thing is they make chinese Grade A movements and a shitload with parts to "Swiss" watch assemblers.
They have a official english hompage mainly written in Mandarin..


I find things like this fascinating! Can't wait for it tu turn up :D .

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From the Chinese Watch Wiki you linked to above..

  • Roughly 95% of revenue from movements and components (including tourbillons), 5% from whole watches
  • Over $10,000,000 after tax profit and 800 employees in 2012

So they seem to be doing pretty well. I might even have one of the Guangzhou skeleton movement based watches in the "404 Club" collection. I'll need to take a look.

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Today MAO arrived ans at first I thought this might be an nice adventure.

But imediately I opend the back my enthusiasm sank to rock bottom, made in Japan..

From the dial one can see it has been loved and worn extesivly.

The movement was glued into place.





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After cleaning the dial up as good as it got I went to bussiness..
I thought hard and tried to measure a replacement movement up, the first try was an Zenith 305, I thought that is more worthy an chairman.




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So now I have to continue this adventure. I have hard time choosing what movement to try out next, maybe since it's Friday I just should take a glas of wine and let this project ripen a bit :D 


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    • Dial looks original. It should be the Yin to the Yang of the one I posted above. As a bonus, the seller claims it actually works, which is a relative rarity for prospective 404 club members. I think I may swap out the steel strap though.
    • If you look carefully at the actual statement its loose pallet stones etc. It's more of a generalization statement. The graphical display comes from the sounds of the escapement. One side of the escapement produces one line the other side the other line. Then there's a problem with timing machines and liquid crystal displays we can see the pixels. So the upper line is migrating relatively straight across the display moving up one pixel at a time but remaining straight. The lower line looks like it's wandering around both going up and down. It really should look more like the upper line. So anything that affects the escapement affects the sounds shows up on the display. As it looks like only one side then it would be typically one side of the escapement. So loose pallet stone possibly even the roller jewel which would affect both could be damaged and I've even seen a loose roller jewel only show up on one side. Escapement lubrication one stone gets lubricated the other does not look like this along with anything that screws up the escapement dirty escapement etc. So cleaning examining and re-lubricating would be a good idea. Then a watch made in the early 70s isn't exactly a vintage watch it really should look a little better.
    • Could the brass coloured washer be a dial washer? The second part... no idea, how thick is it? Can we see some pictures?
    • Look into Omega pushers. They have the same construction as the Breitling . Not sure which model now so you have to do some research.  
    • I received my Ronda 703 movement today, it had a couple of extra parts with it that I have no clue what they are for. The first is a brass coloured washer  - roughly 2mm outside diameter, 1mm inside diameter and curved. The second is brass coloured plate about 5mm x 1.5mm with an open ended hole at each end. Does anyone have an idea what these are for?  
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