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    • Hi everyone, after watching many watch repair videos by Mark, I decided to join. I'm a retired US Army Soldier, having served 21-1/2 years. I enjoy spending time with my family, fishing, camping in our restored 1976 Monaco Class C motorhome and watching people make beautiful things out of once-ugly things on YouTube. I was married to my first wife, Sherri, for almost 10 years, before I lost her to metastatic breast cancer. The month before she passed away, she bought me my last birthday present, a Rolex Submariner....or so she thought. It turns out she was duped by an unscrupulous jeweler, for whom there is a special place in Hades. The movement is Swiss, according to a local watchmaker, but I still get sick to my stomach thinking that someone had the temerity to take advantage of a dying person. Even though it's not real, it's more valuable to me than the real McCoy and I cherish it every time I wear it. I also have a Vostok watch that my late aunt, a stewardess for Air France, brought back from the Soviet Union in the late 60's/early 70's. Here are pictures of both watches. Frederic
    • Just received my magnetic stirrer yesterday. The magnets are not very powerful, so hopefully it doesn't magnetize everything. It can also works as a "line release" tool.  If it doesn't work, I'll have a hot cocoa machine, parts dryer, a line release tool and maybe a demagnetizer. 
    • Somebody must have saved a lot of money: New mainspring: Cleaned parts so far: Hmmm ?? Or my favorite lifeshortener hobby, hairspring bending? 
    • A book on such movements?  In German you say?  Heute ist ein glüchlicher tag für mich!  Ich mus das buch finden!  Time to do some digging!
    • i just got in to the shop 5 junker swiss bar movements because im restoring this beautiful swiss pocket watch from 1880-ish.  I want to cannibalize screws and a new mainspring rachet wheel/click wheel.  I paid $45 for 5 junkers!  Ive never seen so much oil.  I bought them from Dave's.  Im wondering if he doesnt spray oil on them so they wont rust.  Theyre just soaking it it.  I unscrew a screw and under the microscope the screw is coated in oil. 
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