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Hello from Finland

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Hi guys!

Material sciences engineering student here and I've been into watchmaking (or repairing to be more precise) as a hobby over the last 2-3 years. I've been servicing watches very actively and have come across most types of watches ranging from IWC ingenieur 666AD to the ubiquitos 7750 a multitude of times. I started out with cheap tools just like nearly everyone else but noticed it really isn't worth the hassle and I now have an extensive collection of swiss tools and proper cleaning machine too!

Hope everyone is having a nice day.



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37 minutes ago, oldhippy said:

Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.

What cleaning machine do you have?

An elma super elite. It just makes servicing watches so much more enjoyable because you can just relax for 30mins while the machine does its job

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