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Unitas 6498 movement


Hello I am new to this watch forum and recently I started assembling a Unitas 6498 movement into a watch case and ect

I got to the final part of putting the movement clamp and screws in but I realized that I couldn't screw all the way down and saw that the washer/clamp didn't fit right either. I will post pictures but I need advice on where to find the right screws and or washers

You will see(by the 17 jewels engraving) that there is an awkwardly placed groove where the screw should go. please let me know if you have information 

The model is an Arnex 6498 

or any advice would help.

Thank you 

IMG_2325 (1).jpg


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If I would have assembled this one I would not have used clamps at all.
The design allows you to use case screws with wide heads and I would have used a couple of high polished ones.

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I’ve wondered about using these mov’ts with this type of barrel bridge in screw back cases. They are intended for front loading like on a pocket watch where the dial rests on a rim on the front side and the casing screw head clamps down on the rim on the back of the mid case. These are snap back cases typically, correct? On screw back wrist watch cases how easy is it to get the casing screw head into the groove machined into the casing ring or does the head just press down on top?



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