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    • Hi Guys  I hope you have all been keeping safe and well.  Since I ended up with my grandfathers Timex Marlin I have been down a bit of a rabbit hole. What started out as a simple set lever change has spiralled in a very short space of time into a bit of an obsession. Admittedly, along the way I broke a pallet fork (or two) while bending dial feet, after carrying out a  "Timex Service", I also damaged an escape wheel ..and a hairspring ... But the M25 specifically has been a brilliant starting point for me gaining experience with working on watches.  I went from using the service manual and photos at every stage, asking lots silly questions and relying on the patience and generosity of all you guys (particularly Transporter, JerseyMo, AndyHull & watchweazol) to a point now where I am buying job lots of parts & separating them into individual projects and sourcing more... For me the connection hasn't stopped there as I learnt along the way that a number of my Wife's relatives worked for Timex in Scotland and I was able to have some great conversations with them about the history of Timex and some stories behind watches I have been working on.  I just wanted to share my experiences a little and give thanks to everyone that has been patient with me and helped me along the way, hopefully in time I can start to pay it forward in some ways and no doubt Ill have more questions soon.  Cheers  Dave     
    • There is no restriction for basic mov't like 7S26, 6R15, etc you can get all parts. Going up to middle-level you can send a request and they may try to get it. No parts for Grand Seiko, which can only be serviced in Japan. Not really. There is no material house that sells online in Japan, and even if there was they would probably not ship overseas. You can, however browe on Yahoo! Yapan and buy there using an agent.
    • Fault at third wheel. ( minute)  Clean and inspect all ( gear teeth and pinion) of the  minute wheel under high magnification. There is a slight possibility of bent pivot or damaged pivot hole,  enlarged pivot hole cause depthing and exacerbate the condition.  
    • Hi Matt You can gain access to the barrel and pop it off to take a look, but it will mean separating the plates and dismantling. 
    • I should have mentioned that to become a "authorised service centre" companies had to install the recommended Swiss tools even if the tools already being used were perfectly good they had to be replaced. If my memory serves me well it was in the region of €50,000. Many experienced horologists just retired and who could blame them. 
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