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    • Hi ITProDad - Thanks for the input, all good advice for most movements. What I'm working with is a different kind of balance assembly. I'm attaching some diagrams from the Timex service sheets. Had no trouble with the hairspring, which should be the touchiest part. It's the balance screw - it's made of butter-soft brass, and it's a tight fit. Trying to avoid carving out the slot without putting too much downward pressure on the screw - which can damage the cone tips of the balance staff - has proven to be beyond my current level of expertise.  All I know to do now is close it up and move on. Maybe look for a donor in my "morgue". But I need to know how to approach this from the start the next time I run into one of these.
    • Hello i am trying for the love of God to repair a 6119c,  I bought another movement for spares, I have watched a number of videos on some one else dismantling and reassembling the same movements. I used an ultrasonic like i do with any other movement and cleaned them both up,  I put it back together  and then the day wheel disc and the date dial, once i put the dial on, they seem to sit 1/2 off each other.    any ideas or feed back would be good.
    • Balance wobble thoughts: 1. Balance staff pivot may be broken. 2. Jewels are reamed out. 3. Balance pivot jewels not seated properly. 4. Balance pivot jewels cap springs could be upside own or bent. 5. Balance cock not seated properly. thats all I can think of.
    • What's worse is there's still too much endshake in the balance and I can't tighten this screw anymore. It runs, but it's wobbly.
    • Reading through a service sheet for the Rolex Daytona and the movement has a 'regulation nut' under the balance bridge. You can adjust this to get the correct endshake. How is this measured? Is a special tool used?  
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