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Hello Please can I have your help on deciding on what to do next. I brought a vintage omega quartz (I’ll put images bellow) on eBay which wasn’t working so I thought I’d by it as a challenge. I have some knowledge on watches I’ve changed many battery on lots of watches for people so I thought I’d have a go. It came and the circuit board positive connection was snapped off. I found on eBay a replacement board which fits ok but the original brass omega plates don’t go pack on. I put it in and went to set the time and the crown fell out so I took the board out and put the crown back in when I did it now won’t change the date but it will do day and the time is stiff. I wondered if you could give me a professional view on the situation on what I should do next. I want to keep this movement because of the watches history with it. It needs a rebuild which is obviously out of my depth I think. Thank you




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Hi Henry,

                   You have a nice watch there. You also seem to have little experience. Am I correct? I would advise you to put it aside for a little while. You have some learning to do.Almost all of us ruined the first watch we ever tried to work on.practice on a few watches you don't mind ruining first, then come back to this one.

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I would find out if the EB is good. Electronic sions can help on this. The only way I know, is to observe how long it runs on a battery, if eight or fourteen months, you got a watch.

I will then set your internet radar on finding you same caliber scrap movement for spare parts, which is the wise guys cousine in the UK, . Next I find me data and other sheets on the movement. 

If you put good parts in the right place, it will run.



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I take it you already been tinkering a bit with this one since you already changed the electronics board.
For some reason even I have been catching up with the quartz movements, I don't know why since I mearly just like mechanical watches but these types made me a little interested.
Your movement looks like an Omega 1425 which basicly is one ETA 955.122 with a fancy brass plate on top.

Mechanically all of the movements in this family are the same except for the day/date part.
By the sound of it your day jumper has become missaligned and has to be fixed.

I attache the ETA Service sheet and as a warm up you always can look at my walkthrough of the ETA 255.111 which is the same mechanics except for the day dial. 90% is the same in all of these movements. The walkthrough you can find in the "Your Projects, Walkthroughs and Techniques" section.
So first studie, practice and then execute..Good luck!

7555_ETA 955.122.pdf

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