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Hello from Hertfordshire

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Been doing the courses and now joined here.

Watch repair is a hobby for me, as I just like the challenge of working on small, intricate mechanical and electronic things. I have always had an interest in mechanical watches and now I have retired, there is time to fully indulge my hobby.


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Oops, missed the reply - sorry.

Been enjoying the threads and generally looking about the place. Been fettling watches for a couple of years as a hobby, and now I have taken early retirement, I decided to become more proficient at it, still as a hobbyist though. But something to keep the old grey cells active and test the dexterity!

I attended the basic manual and automatic courses at the BHI over the last couple of years, under the tutelage of the excellent John Murphy, who really gave me the confidence to keep at it. Still a member of the BHI as well.

just starting now on my first really complicated movement, a Valjoux 7750 I got off eBay, with a faulty 12 hour recorder (does not reset and runs continually). And as far as I can see, without yet having disassembled it, it does not automatically wind. The rotor turns and the winding gears turn, but I can’t see the barrel turning.

I’m hoping to slowly learn the 7750 as I take it apart, see what’s faulty, clean and repair, reassemble and, hopefully wear it. I have found the excellent set of PDF walkthroughs here on the forum and I know they well help greatly.

That’s me folks...

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