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Vostok 2416B - second hand stops when watch is dial up


Hi all!

I wanted to ask if anyone could help me with my Vostok situation. So I have a 710 vostok that I've been modding extensively (the only thing that's not swapped on the watch is the case and the movement) and really enjoying the process. A few days ago I attempted to swap the dial and hands. I let the watch run out charge over few days, removed the rotor to prevent winding, took the crown out, removed the hands and dial, got a new dial and hands on it, reversed the process to put it back together.

So the watch now works when it's lying dial down, but stops when I lift it up and turn it to me. It starts ticking again if I give it a good shake but eventually stops if I give it a slightest of bumps or movement while it's facing me. It seems to work fine when it's facing down. The hands turn normally, they're not touching each other while rotating etc. I tried shaking the watch until it starts running and gently putting down on a table and leaving it overnight, and it continued ticking in the morning, but as soon as I try to pick it up it stops. What could be causing this issue? 

I did take apart the movement few months ago when the new crown wouldn't lock in place and managed to get it working again, so it was running and kept very good time. This time however I just swapped hands and dial 

Thanks all!

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The first suggestion I'd make given that out worked before the dial and hand swap is to remove the replacements and leave it wound and see if it works. If so it's either the dial or the hands binding or catching.

If not, it has to be something in the movement. Possibly an ingress of dirt.

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